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CoW Swap

CoW Swap is the first interface built on top of CoW Protocol and serves as a reference implementation for developers wishing to build user interfaces for CoW Protocol.

The interface may look very familiar to the average DeFi user, as it is originally based on the Uniswap interface. This provides users with a familiar user experience, while benefiting from the unique features of CoW Protocol.

CoW Swap website

Supported Wallets

CoW Swap supports many popular wallets including:

  • Injected wallets, such as Rabby, MetaMask, Trust Wallet. In general any wallet implementing EIP-1193
  • Multisigs wallets such as Safe, both as a Safe app, or using Wallet Connect (IOS, Android and Web).
  • Any wallet supporting WalletConnect v2 such as most mobile wallets.
  • Hardware wallets such as Trezor, either directly, or through integration with injected wallets such us Rabby or Metamask.

If you've developed a wallet that supports EIP-712 or ERC-1271 signing, and would like to have your wallet supported by CoW Swap, please file an issue or reach out to us on Discord.

Alternatively, you may wish to integrate CoW Swap directly into your wallet interface. If you would like to integrate CoW Swap to your wallet, and would like support in the integration process, please reach out to us on