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Building on CoW Protocol

So, you want to build on top of CoW Protocol? Great! We are excited to see what you will build.

The protocol is designed to be flexible and therefore built on top of by the community. Here you will find resources to get started.

Code examples

You won't find any code examples here in the documentation. Wait, what? Yes, that's right. We believe that code examples are a bad way to learn. They are often outdated, incomplete and don't teach you how to think about the problem at hand.

To better serve builders, we have created a comprehensive live-coding environment, with tutorials that teach you how to build on top of CoW Protocol. You can find the live-coding environment at Powered by web containers, you can run your code from the comfort of your browser, without having to install anything. It comes pre-configured with the CoW Protocol SDK and get's straight to the point, showing you how to:

  • All basic order steps (quoting, signing, submitting, cancelling, application data)
  • Advanced order features (Eth-Flow, Pre-signed orders, ERC-1271 signing)

Detailed documentation

You've found our new documentation already! Did you know that the documentation also includes an extensive technical reference covering:

  • JavaScript SDKs (cow-sdk / app-data)
  • Rest APIs (orderbook, solver, driver)
  • Smart contracts (all core and periphery contracts)

Getting support

Confused? Have a question? We are here to help! Join our Discord and ask your development questions in the #tech-talk channel!