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Custom Links

CoW Swap supports URL query parameters to allow anyone to create a custom link for sharing a specific trade with a friend or on social media, or for creating a custom link to a specific trade for your own use.


Query Parameters

Even though the main page is swap, each page has it's own specific URL parameters that can be set, in addition to global parameters that are used on all pages. Parameters not applicable to a page will have no effect on UI settings.

Fortunately, the swap and limit pages have the same URL query parameters!



Global parameters

themeString(determined by browser)Sets theme to dark or light mode.

Swap / limit parameters


All parameters are optional. If a parameter is not set, the default value will be used.

chainIdInteger1 - Ethereum MainnetSupported blockchains
sellTokenSymbolOrAddressToken symbol or addressWrapped native token symbol for the current network (for Mainnet: WETH)Sell token symbol or address
buyTokenSymbolOrAddressToken symbol or addressBuy token symbol or address
recipientaddressundefinedValid Ethereum account address
sellAmountInteger or FloatundefinedAmount of sell token to sell
buyAmountInteger or FloatundefinedAmount of buy token to buy

Only one of sellAmount or buyAmount can be set for the swap page. If both are set, only sellAmount will be used.

Wrapped native token

Each chain has a native token and it's wrapped version. Native tokens are needed to pay any applicable transaction fees.

Native and wrapped tokens per chain:

  • Ethereum Mainnet: WETH - wrapped ETH
  • Gnosis chain: WXDAI - wrapped XDAI
  • Arbitrum one: WETH - wrapped ETH
  • Sepolia: WETH - wrapped ETH