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Viewing orders

As CoW Protocol utilizes an off-chain orderbook, and settles on-chain, getting a holistic view of the current state of CoW Protocol requires a combination of on-chain and off-chain data. Individually, this information is available from the following:

Switching between these tools, and reading raw JSON data is better suited for computers, not humans. To make it easier to view the current state of CoW Protocol, we've built a tool that combines the two, providing a convenient and holistic view of the current state of CoW Protocol.

Enter the CoW Explorer 🐮🔎.

CoW Explorer

CoW Explorer is an "Etherscan"-like interface for the CoW Protocol. It allows users to visualize the orders they have placed on the protocol, as well as the orders that have been executed, across all networks that the protocol is deployed on.

Users may search for:

Example of CoW Protocol Explorer