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Swap in Safe Apps

With over 100 Billon secured asserts, Safe is a multi-signature wallet that allows users to manage their assets in a secure and decentralized way.

Safe Dapps, are third party interfaces that live inside the Safe Wallet Web and allow users to interact with deFI protocols with a customised user experience.

CoW Protocol Widget has a deep integration with Safe Dapps, which allows anyone building a Safe Dapp to seamlessly add trading functionality.

This is interesting for Safe Dapps because:

  • 🧱 Cut the development costs, building a good trading experience is hard!
  • ☔️ Offer users all CoW Protocol innovations, like protection from MEV, just-in-time path finding (optimised for Multisigs), batching of transactions and more.
  • 🤑 Create a revenew model for your Dapp by using the partnerFee (see Fees).

The easiest way to get started is to follow the steps below.


Before you start, you can get a feel of the Safe App example. Feel free to skip this step!

The example shows:

  • How to make a new Safe App
  • How to make Swaps, Limit orders and TWAPs
  • How to control programatically the swap widget
  • How to detect trade parameters (token selection, amounts, etc.)
  • How to define a dynamic fee
  • How to customize the colors, tokens, sounds, etc

To use the demo, just follow the instructions in Add your custom dapp in Safe Wallet below, but instead of adding the URL http://localhost:9999, use the URL

Safe custom dapps 0

Fork the project

You can use the safe-app-example to start with some basic boilerplate code.

Go to and fork it.

Fork project

This will create a copy of the project so you can safely make modifications on it.

Clone boilerplate code

Once you have forked the project, clone it to your local machine.

git clone <your-repo-url>

Run app locally

Launch the Dapp on port 9999 (for example).

# Install dependencies

# Run the app
PORT=9999 yarn start

The app should be running on http://localhost:9999.

Add your custom dapp in Safe Wallet

Go to and create a safe if you don't have one for Sepolia network (convenient for testing).

Then navigate to: Apps > My Custom Dapps.

Safe custom dapps 1

Add your custom dapp: http://localhost:9999.

Safe custom dapps 2

The dapp should be added in your local browser.

Safe custom dapps 3

Open the app:

Safe custom dapps 4

Try to make your first trade! You might need some tokens, or Sepolia Ether (you could use this faucet).

Explore the code

Explore the code and try to make modifications!

It's your code now, try to make something useful for Safe users.

Follow Up

From here, try to get more familiar with CoW Protocol and Safe, and enhance your application.