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CoW AMM Deployer

The CoW AMM Deployer is a user-friendly Safe App that simplifies the process of deploying and managing CoW AMMs (Automated Market Makers) from Safe wallets. It enables users without programming skills to take advantage of the benefits of CoW AMM.

The app was developed by bleu with sponsorship from the CoW Grants DAO.

This app is only accessible from a Safe wallet.


The Safe wallet you use to create a CoW AMM should ONLY be used for the purpose of deploying a CoW AMM.


Provide the tokens for the CoW AMM to your Safe wallet before creating the CoW AMM. Beware any imbalance between tokens will automatically be traded.


Before using the CoW AMM Deployer, ensure that you have the following:

  1. A Safe wallet: If you don't have one, follow these steps to create a new Safe wallet:
    • Go to the Safe website and click on "Create new Safe".
    • Choose the network (e.g., Ethereum) and the number of required confirmations.
    • Add the owners of the Safe wallet and set the threshold for confirmations.
    • Review and create the Safe wallet.
  2. Necessary tokens: Transfer both tokens that you want to provide liquidity for to your Safe wallet. Make sure you have sufficient amounts of each token.

Once that's done, you're ready to create your first CoW AMM!

Creating an AMM

To create a new CoW AMM using the deployer, follow these steps:

  1. Access the CoW AMM Deployer app from your Safe wallet.
  2. On the homepage, click on the "Create AMM" button.
  3. Fill in the required information in the AMM creation form:
    • Token Pair: Select the token pair you want to provide liquidity for. Both tokens should already be in your Safe wallet.
    • Price Oracle: Choose the price oracle (e.g., Balancer, Uniswap V2) to provide price hints to the watch-tower about your CoW AMM. Enter the pool identifier used by the selected protocol. You can also load this information from the protocol subgraph using the provided button. If the button fails, it means there isn't a pool with at least $1000 USD of TVL for that token pair.
    • Minimum Trade Amount: Specify the minimum amount of the first token required for each trade. For most tokens, this value is automatically filled. If not, a strategy may be to calculate the equivalent of $10 USD in the first token.
    • Fallback Handler: If your wallet is unsupported, upgrade to a Safe with the special fallback handler. Learn all about the new Safe Extensible Fallback Handler and its relevance to Safe in this overview. Naturally, the upgrade process has undergone extensive auditing for increased peace of mind.
  4. Review the entered information and click on the "Create AMM" button.
  5. Sign the transaction on your Safe wallet to confirm the AMM creation.
  6. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed. You will be redirected to the "Manager" page once the AMM is successfully created.

Create AMM

Managing and Editing an AMM

The "Manager" page provides an overview of your CoW AMM LP position and allows you to manage and edit its parameters.

The page displays the following information:

  • Total Value: The total value of the liquidity provided to the AMM, calculated based on the current token prices.
  • Token Amounts: The individual amounts of each token in the AMM liquidity pool.
  • Price Oracle: The selected price oracle used by the AMM.
  • Swaps Link: A link to view the swaps executed by the CoW AMM on the CoW Explorer.

From the "Manager" page, you can perform two actions:

  1. Stop AMM LP Position: Clicking this button will redirect you to a confirmation page. After confirming, the CoW AMM will be stopped, and the tokens in your Safe wallet will no longer be used to provide liquidity.
  2. Edit AMM LP Parameters: This action will redirect you to the AMM creation form, pre-filled with the current parameters of the AMM. You can modify the parameters as needed and push the changes your existing AMM.

Manager page

Additional Resources

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I create multiple CoW AMMs with the same Safe wallet?

    • No.
  2. What happens to my tokens when I stop an AMM LP position?

    • When you stop an AMM LP position, your tokens in your Safe will no longer be used to provide liqudity. As the CoW AMM IS the Safe when there is an active CoW AMM, the liquidity never leaves your Safe wallet! You can then withdraw or use them for other purposes.
  3. Can I change the token pair of an existing AMM?

    • No, once an AMM is created with a specific token pair, you cannot change the token pair. If you want to provide liquidity for a different token pair, you need to create a new AMM.

For further assistance or questions, join the CoW Protocol Discord and ask in the #tech-talk channel.