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CoW DAO is on a mission to innovate the most user-protective products in Ethereum. 

Currently, CoW DAO's two main products are CoW Protocol and MEV Blocker, which it supports with development and marketing resources – including the CoW Grants Program, the CoW Protocol Explorer, and the CoW Swap frontend.

What is CoW Protocol

CoW Protocol is a fully permissionless trading protocol that leverages batch auctions as its price finding mechanism. CoW Protocol uses batch auctions to maximize liquidity via Coincidence of Wants (CoWs) in addition to tapping all available on-chain liquidity whenever needed.

What is MEV Blocker?

MEV Blocker is an RPC endpoint designed to protect user transactions from MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) attacks such as frontrunning and sandwiching. Aside from protecting user transactions from the dangers of MEV, MEV Blocker leverages an order flow auction of searchers and builders to offer users rebates from backrunning for their trades.


CoW DAO is of its community, by its community, and for its community. CoW DAO uses a decentralized governance model to ensure that the community has full control over the direction of the protocol.

How to use CoW DAO's documentation

CoW DAO's documentation follows a "Concepts", "Procedures", "Technical Reference" methodology. For example when a user wants to learn:

  • What something is (example: batch auctions) → see Concepts
  • How to do something (example: create an order) → see Tutorials
  • Technical information (example: such as SDKs, APIs) - see Technical Reference