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Use cases

MEV Blocker is your personal protection from frontrunning and sandwich attacks for a broad spectrum of Ethereum transactions and use cases. Here are some scenarios where MEV Blocker might come in handy.

Intent Based DEXs

Intent-based DEXs, such as CoW Protocol, utilize an off-chain competition among solvers to secure better settlement prices for their users. These solvers, tasked with identifying the most efficient transaction paths, are responsible for submitting transactions on-chain on the user's behalf.

MEV Blocker serves as a critical tool for safeguarding these transactions from manipulation by MEV bots. By integrating MEV Blocker, solvers ensure their transactions are protected from frontrunning and sandwich attacks, while also benefiting from additional guarantees such as no reverts. Moreover, solvers can capture up to 90% of the backrun value their transactions might generate, thereby creating an alternative revenue stream beyond the solver competition.

Oracle Extractable Value

Oracle Extractable Value (OEV) is a type of MEV that arises whenever an Oracle updates its data feed on the blockchain via the public mempool.

With MEV Blocker, Oracles can sidestep the public mempool, directing data feed updates to a private mempool where bots compete to arbitrage the forecasted state changes. This approach allows Oracles to retain up to 90% of the value generated by the update, in contrast to the public mempool model where this value is typically captured by MEV bots and validators.

Transaction Relayers

Transaction relayers, such as Gelato, enable projects and users to bypass the complexities of on-chain transaction submission and gas management. These relayers facilitate transaction submissions on behalf of the projects and users according to predetermined preferences.

By using MEV Blocker, transaction relayers can guarantee their transactions are free from MEV, and can even capture value in cases where backrunning opportunities are present.

Account Abstraction (Bundlers)

Wallets that implement account abstraction also utilize bundlers to process user transactions. These bundlers play a pivotal role in the on-chain submission of transactions. Here, MEV Blocker can also play a part in providing MEV-free execution and forwarding rebates to users whenever there are backrunning opportunities.


Projects launching new NFTs via public mint can leverage MEV Blocker to offer a more fair minting experience.

Users who use MEV Blocker for public mints protect themselves from frontrunning in the public mempool. For NFT mints, MEV Blocker also prevents gas wars.