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This site represents the current governance structure of CoW DAO.

Governance evolution

CoW DAO's governance is to be owned, developed, and enforced by the CoWmunity. Therefore, this document should be considered a living document and will be updated as the CoW DAO evolves.


Several governance venues are available to participate in CoW DAO governance, each serving its own particular purpose.


CoW DAO's forum is the main venue for governance-related discussion. Signing up for the forum allows community members to post and participate in discussions.


CoW DAO's snapshot space is a simple voting interface that allows members to vote on CIPs. Votes on snapshot are weighted by the number of vCOW+COW held or delegated to the address used to vote.


The CoW DAO Discord server is currently the main discussion hub for the CoWmunity and an informal place for governance discussions. The governance-discussion channel is where the governance matters and proposals can be discussed.