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Mission statement

CoW DAO is an open organization of developers, market makers, and community contributors on a mission to create a fairer, more-protective financial system. CoW DAO currently supports CoW Swap, CoW Protocol and MEV Blocker โ€“ decentralized trading products that leverage order flow auctions to shield users from MEV attacks and give them more than they ask for.


We foresee a future where all kinds of assets will be tokenized on Ethereum and other decentralized blockchains, where everyone - individuals and collectives - can have full custody of their tokenized assets. CoW DAO's vision is a decentralized future where digital assets can be traded in a fair, efficient and reliable manner among people, organizations, smart contracts and communities around the world. Our mission is to build products that help users exchange digital assets in the most user-friendly and price-effective ways possible, enabling all users to trade securely and know their trades are protected.

We are committed to applying continuous innovation, cultivating intellectual bravery and โ€“ by expanding the CoW DAO ecosystem โ€“ย inviting the brightest minds to join the community.