This section provides some quick start information for integrating with CoW Protocol.
Unlock an endless world of possibilities via CoW Protocol SDK (@cowprotocol/cow-sdk in NPM)

First, lets introduce CoW Swap and CoW Protocol

CoW Swap is a Decentralized Application (DApp) and Protocol allowing users to exchange digital assets directly (peer-to-peer) and via existing trading decentralized exchanges.
Its novel design maximizes trade efficiency and provides a competitive way to ensure best prices.
One of the core ideas is executing trades in batches, where users will trade directly using what is known as “Coincidence of Wants” (hence the name CoW). In the context of blockchains, batch auctions are a superior mechanism compared to continuous time trading, as they already execute transactions in discrete “blocks” every few seconds.
In consequence CoW Swap protects users from front-running and other value extraction (known as MEV). The mechanism also leverages the concept of “ring trades” to boost liquidity in highly fragmented and long-tail token markets.
Additionally, CoW Swap allows for an improved user experience by facilitating gasless trades, not paying for failed transactions and adaptive routing in case of volatility.

Get familiar with CoW Swap

CoW Swap uses CoW protocol. One easy way to get familiar with the protocol is by doing one trade in CoW Swap:
You can use it in Goerli test net if you want. Otherwise, it is avaiable in Mainnet and Gnosis Chain.
Now you are more familiar with the protocol and CoW Swap, let's introduce the SDK in the next section.