Instantiate SDK with a signer

Before you can sign any transaction, you have to instantiate the SDK with a Ethers.JS signer:
import { Wallet } from 'ethers'
import { CowSdk, OrderKind } from '@cowprotocol/cow-sdk'
const mnemonic = 'fall dirt bread cactus...'
const wallet = Wallet.fromMnemonic(mnemonic)
const cowSdk = new CowSdk(
4, { // Leaving chainId empty will default to MAINNET
signer: wallet // Provide a signer, so you can sign order
So know we have a SDK instance liked to our signer. That's great, because now creating orders will be a matter of:
  1. 1.
    Get Market Prices: Fee & Price
  2. 2.
    Sign the order: Using off-chain signing or Meta-transactions
  3. 3.
    Post the signed order to the API: So, the order becomes OPEN
Let's start in next section with the first step, getting the Market Price.