The SDK provides access to the CoW API. The CoW API allows you:
  • Post orders
  • Get fee quotes
  • Get order details
  • Get history of orders: i.e. filtering by account, transaction hash, etc.
For example, you can easily get the last 5 order of a trader:
import { OrderBookApi, SupportedChainId } from '@cowprotocol/cow-sdk'
const orderBookApi = new OrderBookApi({ chainId: SupportedChainId.MAINNET })
// i.e. Get last 5 orders for a given trader
const trades = orderBookApi.getOrders({
owner: '0x00000000005ef87f8ca7014309ece7260bbcdaeb', // Trader
limit: 5,
offset: 0,
💡 For more information about the API methods, you can check
Now you should be able to access the main API methods. Let's continue in next section on how to sign and post new orders.\